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Our Classes


Tap classes are offered for all ages from 2 through Adult.  Tap class is the perfect place to challenge yourself while working on weight balances and shifts as well as coordination from the feet to the head.  The tap styles that we work on in classes will vary from musical theatre tap, to hip hop/pop tap, to hoofing, stomp and hand-boning.  More advanced classes learn challenging tricks and work on improvisational skills, while the younger classes develop their rhythm and learn to hear the beats in the music.


Ballet classes are offered for all ages from 2 through Adult.  Ballet is where you learn your ABC's of dance.  Most of the famous dancers you see today have training in ballet and the precision and technique it takes to succeed in all forms of dance.  Ballet can help to develop your strength, flexibility, concentration, focus, work ethic and much more.  In ballet classes, students will learn to recognize and repeat the basic steps of ballet all the way to the advanced moves.  Students who are driven to continue through our ballet program will be fluent in the French Ballet Vocabulary and will also notice improvement in all areas of their dancing. 


Jazz classes are offered for ages Kindergarten to Adult.  Jazz class goes hand in hand with ballet as it also develops strength, flexibility, concentration, focus and work ethic.  However, it differs in energy which is usually extremely upbeat and energetic.  Students enrolled in jazz will learn isolations of the body, stretching, leaps, turns and will become more fluent in the jazz vocabulary and technique.  Proper execution of the steps is a focus in our jazz classes, as we strive to keep injuries to a minimum to keep our students dancing longer and stronger.  


Lyrical classes are offered for ages Kindergarten to 12th Grade.  Lyrical is the perfect blend of jazz and ballet technique and helps the student develop their purpose and story behind their dancing.  Lyrical is a technique that takes either the words in the music, or the story of the choreographer and translates it into movement.  Our lyrical classes help the dancers to think through their movements, find the connections between the "tricks" (kicks, turns, leaps) and make it a narrative, not just a series of poses.  We also strive to develop the dancer's improvisational skills which is an important quality to have in this world of dance. 

Hip Hop

Hip Hop classes are offered for Preschool to Adult.  Hip Hop class is where you learn to let go of your stress and just enjoy.  Throw out those judgements you have on yourself that you see in the mirror, just listen to the music, and dance how you feel.  Hip Hop is an important class that is very often neglected by dancers, because they "can't hip hop" or "don't pick up fast enough."  Don't worry, Miss Leslie's been there.  Hip hop, in Miss Leslie's opinion, is where you develop the skills you need to pick up on choreography quickly, where you further your body isolation skills and most importantly where you can learn to come out of your shell!  


Pre-Pointe is offered for 4th Grade to 12th Grade.  Pre-pointe is the furthered study of the ballet vocabulary with the main focus on preparing the body for the strength in the feet, legs, hips and core that is needed to go to the toes en pointe.  When students develop the strength that is needed for pointe shoes, they will be recommended by their teacher to move to the pointe class.


Pointe is a teacher recommended class only and we usually starts our students around 11-13 years.  This is mostly dependant on the strength of the student and the structure of their feet.  Due to the continual development and growth of feet as children, many recommend students to start pointe work when their feet and muscles are more mature.  Again, we strive to keep our dancers dancing longer and stronger, so we prefer to start a little later.  Students that are recommended to dance en pointe will continue to develop their ballet vocabulary, just at a new height.  We will work at the barre, as well as continue balancing, turning, leaping, adagio (slow movements), petite allegro (quick and small movements) and grande allegro (big and brisk movements).

Musical Theatre

Musical theatre class is offered to Preschool through 12th Grade.  If you find yourself toe tapping to the soundtrack of Hamilton, Wicked, Hairspray or the good ole classics like Jersey Boys, Cats and Oklahoma!, then you will most definitely enjoy the fabulous world of Musical Theatre Dance!  Musical theatre dance class is where you prepare for your Broadway Dance career.  In the class students will learn upbeat, energetic and flashy dances to some of our favorite musical theatre songs.  Bring those fabulous smiles and lots of energy!


Poms class is offered for Preschool through 4th Grade.  This high energy, upbeat class will work on the skills you need for the dance team.  This includes high kicks, jumps, leaps, turns and pom arm positions.  Students will also learn to dance together as a group by executing roll offs, canons, waves, lifts and more. 


Aerial class is offered for ages 5 through Adult.  Aerial students will learn to dance en l'air by climbing/contorting/posing in various apparatuses including silks, trapeze, lyra and hammock.  Aerial class is can help you to face your fears and welcomes adventure.  This class is the full body workout that will strengthen your core, upper body and legs and continue to improve your flexibility.  Students will be placed by the instructor in the appropriate level for their current skills- Level 1 (Beginner- newer to the aerial world), Level 2 (Intermediate- has developed some skills but needs more spotting or instruction), Level 3 (Advanced- has the strength required for aerial and is ready to learn more difficult tricks).

Acro & Tumbling

Acro and tumbling classes are offered for ages 2 through 12th Grade.  Students must be recommended by a teacher based on their level in acro.  There are 3 acro levels- Level 1, Level 2, Level 3 (3 being the most advanced).  Beginner students will work on basic strength and flexibility skills including back bends, cartwheels, round offs, front rolls, back rolls, hand stands, straddle rolls and more.  As the student advances, they will accomplish more difficult skills like aerials, front walk overs, back walk overs, flips, acro partnering and much more!  Acro dance class differs from gymnastics as it focuses on mat work only (no beams, bars, rings etc.).  Acro skills are a great addition to the dancer's repertoire!     

NEW! Choreography Class

We have added a special Choreography Class to the 2019-2020 schedule perfect for the 4th Grader-12th Grader wanting the opportunities to choreograph and perform their own works.  Students will learn special techniques on coming up with choreography, how to chose and edit music as well as find the perfect costume.  At the end of the year they will have the opportunity to perform at the recital.

"Don't underestimate yourself.  You are more capable than you think." ~Misty Copeland